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An Entry represents a single reference in a reference database. Each entry has a unique identifier, known in most reference managers as its "citekey."






Optional Abstract DOI

DOI: string

Optional Abstract URL

URL: string

Optional Abstract abstract

abstract: string

Optional Abstract author

author: Author[]

Optional Abstract authorString

authorString: string

A comma-separated list of authors, each of the format <firstname> <lastname>.

Optional Abstract containerTitle

containerTitle: string

The name of the container for this reference -- in the case of a book chapter reference, the name of the book; in the case of a journal article, the name of the journal.

Optional Abstract files

files: string[]

Abstract id

id: string

Unique identifier for the entry (also the citekey).

Optional Abstract issuedDate

issuedDate: Date

The date of issue. Many references do not contain information about month and day of issue; in this case, the issuedDate will contain dummy minimum values for those elements. (A reference which is only encoded as being issued in 2001 is represented here with a date 2001-01-01 00:00:00 UTC.)

Optional Abstract page

page: string

Page or page range of the reference.

Optional Abstract title

title: string

Abstract type

type: string



  • get year(): number


  • get zoteroSelectURI(): string
  • A URI which will open the relevant entry in the Zotero client.

    Returns string

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